Water & Sewer

2021 Update
The Town of Leicester has received a $100,000 grant from the U.S. Economic Development Administration for a town-wide water and sewer study.  A state match of $100,000 has also been secured through the efforts of Senator Moore and Representative LeBoeuf.  The Town has hired the firm of Weston and Sampson to study all 7 water and sewer districts and offer recommendations for improving services and cost containment.  Weston and Sampson began work on the study in late August of 2020. 

On May 25th, a public community meeting was held virtually to discuss the results of the first phase of the study.  This first phase of the study can be viewed by CLICKING HERE

On July 13th, a public community meeting was held in person and virtually to discuss the results of the second phase of the study.  The meeting presentation can be viewed by CLICKING HERE.

The final phase of the study will be recommendations presented in late summer through additional community meetings.

Moose Hill Information
2017 Moose Hill Feasibility Study Update
2008 Moose Hill Feasibility Study
1986 Moose Hill Water Treatment Facility Preliminary Design Report
Pumping Station Site Plan 9-14-09
General Rules and Regulations for the Protection of Watersheds and the Watershed System within the Moose Hill Reservoir
Moose Hill Land Taking Act of 1978
Public Access Summary
Moose Hill Strategic Plan
Sugden Reservoir Spencer MA
Report on Sugden Reservoir
Sugden Summary

Town Wide Water Study
The Town of Leicester in conjunction with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and WPI embarked on a town-wide water study during the fall of 2015 and the spring of 2016. Students from WPI's Water Resource Outreach Center worked alongside DEP and the Town's water districts to develop two analytical reports with findings and recommendations to improve the quality and quantity of water in the Town along with two informational videos.  Moving forward, the Town will be working with the water districts to implement the recommendations as appropriate to ensure quality drinking water for the Town of Leicester's current and future residents.
Water Management in Leicester - December 2015
Water Management Video
Water District Analysis - April 2016
Beyond the Tap Video