Building / Code Enforcement

COVID-19 Department Operations
Buiding inspections will follow state construction standards for Covid-19. Applications should be emailed to Kelly Conroy, with paper copies and fees dropped off in the tax collecton box at Town Hall or mailed to:  Leicester Town Hall, Attn:  Building/Code Department, 3 Washburn Square, Leicester, MA  01524.  Staff will not meet you at the door for plan dropoffs.

Code Enforcement is part of the Office of Development & Inspectional Services.
For gas, plumbing, or wiring/electrical inspections, please call inspectors directly.


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Kelly Conroy Department Assistant (508) 892-7003




Building Inspector

John P. Dolen

Plumbing and Gas Inspector

(508) 864-5575

John A. Markley

Wiring Inspector

(508) 769-7670

Ronald Valinski, Jr.

Weights & Measures Inspectors

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