The Town of Leicester Assessing Department consists of three Board Members (elected), one Principal Assessor and one Assistant to the Principal Assessor.

The Assessing Department is responsible for the administration of all real and personal property tax data records and maintains accurate parcel ownership data based on recorded property transactions at the Registry of Deeds. The Department is also responsible for the administration of the Municipalities motor vehicle and boat excise tax system. The department is responsible for updating and maintaining the Towns property tax maps.

Mission Statement
The Town of Leicester Assessing Department is committed to a philosophy of service and accountability to the public, whose interest is best served through the sound administration of the Massachusetts General Laws and regulations pursuant to providing fair and equitable assessments on all real and personal property within the municipal boundaries.

Vision Statement
Our vision is to be a model in the assessment administrative field with a reputation for the delivery of impartial, accurate, equitable assessments that meet or exceed the statutory requirements of the State of Massachusetts. We will strive to satisfy not only our taxpayers, but other departments, local government and other taxing districts with courteous, prompt and professional service second to none.

Goals Statement
We are dedicated to maximizing productivity in our daily functions by: providing the necessary training to employees, encouraging self-motivation and recognizing quality performance, fostering open communication with municipal departments and taxpayers, providing courteous assistance and information, using technology to continue to improve and maximize our daily functions. Seeking the necessary resources to meet these goals.



Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Linda Berisha, M.A.A. Principal Assessor 508-892-7001
Sarah Morin Department Assistant 508-892-7001



Arthur J. Paquette



Paul C. Davis



Robert P. Pingeton