Select Board

The Select Board serves as the Chief Executive Officers of the Town. Elected to three year terms the Select Board oversees all matters affecting the interest and welfare of the Community and are responsible to ensure that Town government is responsive to and reflective of Community needs and values. The Select Board derives it's authority and responsibilities from Mass General Laws and Town By-laws and exercise the authority vested in the Town not specifically assigned by law to any other Board or office.

The Select Board appoints the Town Administrator to coordinate the day to day affairs of the Town.

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Staff Contacts

Name Title
David A. Genereux Town Administrator
Kristen L. Forsberg Assistant to the Town Administrator
Marie D. Paquette Administrative Assistant

Board Members

Name Title
Dianna Provencher Chair 2020
Sandra Wilson Vice Chair 2020
Brian Green 2nd Vice Chair 2019
Harry Brooks Member 2021
Rick Antanavica Member 2021