.Recycling Stickers (New & Renewal)


Sticker Details & Fees
Resident Renewal - $30.00
Resident 1st Time - Must be done at Recycling Center - $30.00
Resident Seniors 1st Time or Renewal - $25.00

Sticker Details & Fees
Non-Resident 1st Time or Renewal - Must be done at Recycling Center - $35.00

If you are purchasing a Leicester Recycling Center sticker for your vehicle for the first time you MUST go to the Recycling Center when it is open to get your tag. Recycling Volunteers will put the tag on your vehicle. If you need a new application you can download the form and have it already completed when you get there. Residents can write a check for $30 to the Town of Leicester or pay with cash and you will be all set; for Resident Seniors (those 60 years of age or older) the cost is $25. Tags run from August 1 through July 31st each year.  For non-residents, the fee is $35 and must be purchased at the Recycling Center when it is open whether it is for the first time or you are renewing your tag.  If you sell the car that has the sticker, or you replace the windshield, remove the old sticker and bring it to the Recycling Center when it is open where you can get a new sticker for a $5 charge.  If you do not bring the removed sticker then you will be charged the full fee.

If you have the car tag and you are renewing by obtaining a small yearly sticker upgrade, you can obtain this from either the Town Clerk during normal working hours or at the Recycling Center when it is open. Remember you need a new yearly sticker upgrade every year as of August 1st. Bring the completed renewal form with you - download a renewal application from here.