Staff Directory

90 South Main Street
Leicester, MA 01524
Telephone: (508) 892-7009 / (508) 892-7010 / Emergency: DIAL 911
Fax: (508) 892-7012

*Direct extensions are listed after each name

Office of the Chief of Police

Chief James Hurley (extension 2010)

Adm. Assistant Sheila Gaffney (x2005)


Criminal Investigations

Detective Timothy Fontaine (x2016)

Officer Mathew Brady (x2072)

Patrol Officers

Special Police Officers

Spc. Jeff Tebo
Spc. Joseph Fontaine
Spc. Joseph Lennerton
Spc. Brian Gould

Spc. Michael Kemp
Spc. Joshua May
Spc. Curtis Sampson
Spc. Laura Laliberte