LPD Forms

Alarm Registration Form
Use this form to register your alarm system as required by the Town By-Law

Take Me Home, Keep Me Safe Project Form

Public Records Request Form
Use this form if you are requesting a copy of a police, accident, incident report or other publicly accessible document. Remember responses may be redacted in compliance with a public records law. Additional fees may also apply.

Solicitor Permit Application
Use this form to request a solicitors permit as request as required by the Town By-Law. If you are going door to door in the Town of Leicester you are required to have a permit issued by the Chief of Police.

Notice Not to Trespass
This is a sample "Notice Not To Trespass"
Speed Monitoring Trailer Request Form
Use this form to request a speed trailer at a specific location.

Stolen Property List
Use this form to submit a list of stolen property to the Leicester Police Department.

Business Contact Form
Keep the Leicester Police Department updated on who to contact in case of an emergency at your business.

Call Reassurance Registration Form
Complete the attached form and submit to be registered for the Leicester Police Department's daily call from our "Call Reassurance Program" formerly known as the "RUOK" Program.

Identity Theft Package
Complete this form and bring it to the Leicester Police Department when reporting an identity theft.

Booking/Audio Tape Request Form
This form should be used to request audio or video tapes from the Leicester Police Department.  Massachusetts Public Records Law may apply.