Dear Members of our Community,

Feedback from our community, parents/guardians, staff, and students is invaluable to our efforts to continually improve school and town services. It is our goal to improve in every way to meet the needs of our students and town residents and your input provides us with a valuable perspective. The thoughts and stars that were shared help us to determine what we are doing well and where improvements can be made.

The data from Thoughtexchange​ ​is available at this link:​

We encourage you to​ ​reflect on what was most important to our community. The data will also be directly used to develop goals for improvement.

We appreciate that Thoughtexchange allows us to gather input from our stakeholders in areas of interest and concern. ​We strongly believe that a shared responsibility for the quality of services in our schools and town departments will best serve all residents in Leicester. Thank you for participating. We look forward to continuing to working closely with you to make Leicester the best it can be!


Judy Paolucci, Superintendent


Kevin Mizikar, Town Administrator