What Do I Do With...?

We collect and donate
MAGAZINES (not old)  to be sent to soldiers
Wheelchairs, Walkers, Baby Strollers, Child Car Seats
Food for Food Bank
Clothes and Rags
Items for Rehabilitation Programs (photo frames, art supplies, beads, baskets etc)
Once a year: Upholstered Chairs and Couches While Space is Available

Styrofoam, Plastic Cutlery, Plastic Bags, Paper items and Mercury

Disposing of Unusual Items - click here

What Do I Do If I Can’t Find What I Am Looking For On The Recycling Brochure?
That’s easy. Just ask a Recycling Volunteer when you visit the Center. There are 40 of them! Or use the telephone numbers or email address to find out your answer. NEVER assume that we do not take something unless it is specifically written on the brochures. We have countless outlets for all kinds of thing having been in the recycling business for 25 years! Ask before you throw it away please?