Sorting Recycled Materials

How Do I Sort My Recycling Materials?
Most people sort when they get to the Recycling Center. If you want to sort ahead of time you need to first determine what items you have the most of such as: paper, plastic; corrugated & chipped board; and glass. Sort in this manner and then when you arrive at the Center you can bring the sorted items to the recycling stations for that product. Recycling is not difficult. All paper goes in paper bags; plastic is sorted by number (1, 2, and 5). Volunteers are available to assist you when you arrive at the Center with sorting of your items.

What about bottle caps? Polypropylene (PP), or plastic #5, often makes up the plastic caps on bottles. So, what’s the big deal if the bottle is a #1 and the cap is a #5? They’re both plastic right? It’s not that simple. It all comes down to the melting point, which has a difference of nearly 160 degrees Fahrenheit between the two. If a cap gets mixed in with bottles, the entire batch may be ruined because there is un-melted plastic in the mix. A general rule of thumb is to remove all of the plastic caps and lids from your plastic bottles, jugs and tubs before recycling them.