Recycling in Leicester

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Why Should We Recycle?
This is our favorite question! If a Leicester Resident recycles and purchases with recycling in mind their average cost per year for trash removal is only $96! Compare that to your trash removal costs annually. Now how many dinners out can you experience with that kind of savings?

When is the Recycling Center open?
The Recycling Center is open the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Saturdays of every month from 8:00am to 1:00pm.

How Is Recycling Funded In Leicester?
The town meeting appropriated approximately $15,000 a year for the operation of the Recycling Center until FY2011. A revolving fund was established and the Center generally takes in about $15,000 a year in income. Thus, the cost to operate the center is not taken from the tax base. If the Center closed tomorrow, the town would have to appropriate approximately $9,500 to dispose of the municipal items that are currently recycled at the Recycling Center because they would not be disposed of in bulk as they are now. So that calculates as a net savings for sure! Beginning in 2008 the Recycling Center became self sufficient in that more money is received than is paid out in expenses. Thank you to all the volunteers that make this possible

What Does It Cost To Recycle In Leicester?
The cost for residents of Leicester is $30.00 per year for a car tag ($25 for Resident Seniors - those 60 years of age or older). The only other cost is for special collections such as: paint, hazardous waste, technlogy, and bulky waste. If you are a Non-Resident the cost is $35.00 per year for a car tag.  Fees on the Recycling brochure applies i.e. 28 cents a pound for technology products; metal and tires priced on site etc.

What Happens To The Items When They Are Recycled?
What happens to an item depends on the item you are recycling. Plastic is recycled into many things such as: road aggregate, clothing, plastic lumber, park benches, and much more. #5 plastic is made into toothbrushes and razors. Glass and metal are recyclable forever – meaning that they can be recycled over and over and over again. Paper and corrugated cardboard from Leicester is used to make your cereal boxes you open in the morning. Computers are broken down piece by piece and each thing is recycled for its own properties often being sent to 3rd world countries. Clothing is distributed to over 16 shelters in the Worcester County area. If you have questions about where you items are going, ask a volunteer when you visit the Center.

Do You Have People Who Lecture On The Subject Of Recycling?
Absolutely! We have been talking to scouts, students, seniors and others for many years. Just as a volunteer, use the telephone numbers or email the address on the brochure. Please give us at least a months notice. Thanks.