Marijuana Zoning Information

Marijuana Zoning Information:

Please review Section 5.15 of the Leicester Zoning Bylaw.  Note: buildings must have solid (opaque) walls. A bylaw amendment to clarify this issue was approved at the 5/7/2019 Town Meeting.  Click HERE or more information.

Map from 2018 Planning Board Report showing allowed areas

How do check if a particular property would allow a marijuana facility?
1.  Look up the Zoning District for the property.  The Zoning Map is available HERE.
2.  Review the marijuana zoning (Final Bylaw Amenments) and map (Map from Planning Board report) above.  Marijuana facilities are allowed in portions of the following districts:  B, I, BI-A, BR-1, HB-1 & HB-2.  Buildings must be 200 feet away from residential districts (SA, R1, & R2).  

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