Greenville Village-Pleasant Street Zoning

This page is for information about potential Zoning Bylaw and/or Zoning Map amendments in the Pleasant Street Area, with a focus on allowing easier re-development of existing large commercial buildings.

A comprensive amendment of the Neighborhood Busines District has been postponed to the Fall 2020 Town Meeting. 
However, more limited amendment of the Adaptive Reuse Overlay District to allow additional uses in historic buildings is proposed for the May 5, 2020 Town Meeting.
The public hearing for this proposal will be held on March 10, 2020 at 7:30PM.   The proposal is at the link below.

 Adaptive Reuse Overlay Amendments, 1-27-2020 

The Planning Board will continue to work on more comprehensive amendments, and meetings/discussion dates will be posted here.

The Planning Board is considering Zoning Bylaw and/or Zoning Map amendments to allow for easier reuse of existing commercial properties that are partially in the Greenville Village Neighborhood Business (NB) zoning district (specifically the vacant former Suburban Propane Building at 760 Pleasant Street and the Worcester Tool & Stamping building at 11 Hankey St). 

The Board held a preliminary meeting on October 1, 2019 meeting  to get initial community input on potential zoning changes early in the process.  There have been a number of businesses that have been turned away from the properties noted above, particularly the 760 Pleasant Street site, due to zoning constraints.  The Planning Board has also been approached by The WorcShop, a Worcester based “makerspace” business that is interested in purchasing 11 Hankey Street (see links for more information about The WorcShop, below) . The activity that currently takes place at their Worcester facility would be allowed at 11 Hankey Street as the building is “grandfathered” for industrial-type uses.  The WorcShop is considering additional uses in the building that would require Zoning Bylaw amendments.

The Planning Board is looking at a range of amendment options, including expanding the boundaries of the NB district to include the full 760 Pleasant Street and 11 Hankey Street properties and/or creating an overlay district for these properties to allow for re-development.  Potential uses initially under consideration for these properties include but aren’t limited to the following:

  • Businesses exceeding 6,000 square feet (to address current restriction in the NB district)
  • Research labs
  • Studio apartments
  • Self-Storage facilities
  • Breweries or distilleries
  • Automobile-related uses
  • Senior housing
  • makerspaces

If you have any questions, please contact the Planning Office at [email protected] or 508-892-7007.