Current Applications / Plans

Current Applications
July 7, 2020 Meeting will be held ONLINE

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Meeting DateLocation/Project NameDescription & Application*
08/04/202015 Water Street

Special Permit Application (SP2020-02) for lanscaping/mason business in an existing structure (former Fire Station)



08/04/2020Parker Street/Parker Street North 2020 Subdivision

Preliminary Subdivision Plan (SUB2020-01), 3 house lots

Application & Plan

Agendas for meetings are posted 48 hours prior to each meeting here. All Meetings start at 7:00PM in Meeting Room #3 in Town Hall, 3 Washburn Square, except as noted.

For questions about applications, contact the Planning Office at 508-892-7007 or [email protected].  

Recent Applications

Decision DateLocation/Project NameDescription & Application Materials
07/07/2020-Approved400 Marshall StreetANR Plan (5 new building lots)
06/15/2020-Approved12 Lehigh Road/Hillcrest Water Tank

Special Permit Application (SP2020-01) Exception to Lot Size Requirements

Applicant: Hillcrest Water District

Application and Plans

05/05/2020-See Description for VoteCitizen Petition:  Zoning Bylaw Amendment to Allow Outdoor Marijuana Cultivation

Zoning Bylaw Amendment to allow marijuana cultivation outdoors in the Suburban Agriculture District by Special Permit from the Planning Board.  Applicant:  Lee Dykas.  On 5/5/2020, the Planning Board voted (5-0) to recommend approval of this Bylaw amendment at the Annual Town Meeting (currently scheduled for June 2, 2020).

Proposed Zoning Bylaw Amendment


Additional Documents related to the 5/5/2020 Planning Board Meeting:
Meeting Packet


03/24/2020-ApprovedMulbery Street/Mulberry Solar #3

Discussion of tree clearing in required landscaped buffer for commerical solar farm approved in 2018 (SP2018-02).  Applicant:  Syncarpha Solar

The Planning Board issued a Cease & Desist Order 1-22-2020.  Public hearing 3/10/2020 continued to 3/24/2020.

Area of Tree Clearing (red is unauthorized clearing)

Pre-Construction Aerial Plan

Plan as Approved 9/11/2018

Quinn Engineering Site Visit Photos 1/28/2020

Jarvis Land Survey Site Drawing- Extent of Tree Clearing

Applicant Submittals 01/22/2020 (includes restoration plan)

Restoration Plan 02/27/2020 

Restoration Plan 03/09/2020

03/24/2020-Approved674 Pleasant Street/Greenville Baptist Church: Site Plan Modificati

Site Plan Application (SP2020-01), Modification to Approved 2004 Site Plan(SPR2004-01). Proposes adding 1,300sf storage building, expanding parking lot, and reconfiguring sidewalks.  Applicant:  Greenville Baptist Church


Site Plan 2020 

Stormwater Report

2004 Site Plan (for comparison)

Revised Plan 3-23-2020

03/10/2020Zoning Bylaw Amendments:  Adaptive Reuse Overlay District Improvements

The Planning Board recommended approval of these amendments at the May 5, 2020 Annual Town Meeting. 

Proposed Zoning Amendment



12 Lehigh Road/Hillcrest Water Tank

Special Permit Application (SP2020-01) Exception to Lot Size Requirements

Applicant: Hillcrest Water District

Application and Plans

01/22/2020-Approved20 Soojian Drive/Wal-Mart

Minor Parking Waiver (SPR2004-03)


01/07/2020-ApprovedLeicester Middle School Parking (proposed new PreK-8 School)

Parking Waiver Request

Revised Plans 1-7-2020

01/07/2020-ApprovedPaxton Street/Smuggler's Cove

Special Permit Appilcation (SP2019-02).  Open Space Residential Development (24 lots).  Applicant:  Central Land Development Corp.  Continued from 8/20/2019 & 9/10/2019, 11/5/2019, and 11/19/2019 (meeting cancelled), 12/3/2019 (meeting cancelled) , 12/17/2019 (meeting cancelled), 12/19/2019



Revised Plans 9-9-2019

Presentation Plan 10-10-2019

Final Plan Set 1-7-2020

9/10/2019-Approved103 Marshall Street/Pyramids DGC

Site Plan Review Application (SPR2019-03).  Construction of 4,000 s.f. pro-shop building.  Applicant:  Jason Southwick.


ZBA Approval & Title 5 Report


Building Pictures, 8-30-2019

Response to Comments, 8-30-2019

Elevation Plan

07/16/2019-Approved1762 Main/Cultivate Parking

Site Plan Application (SPR2019-01):  Expansion of parking for Cultivate (next to existing facility).  Applicant:  Cultivate.  Continued from 6/4/2019.



Stormwater Report

Response to Engineer Comments 7-3-2019

Revised Plans 7-3-2019

Revised Narrative 7-5-2019

07/16/2019-Approved1749 Main Street

Special Permit/Minor Amendment (SP2016-03).  Reduction in size of self-storage building.  Applicant:  C&J Realty Trust.


07/02/2019-Approved22 Burncoat/Cultivate

Major Site Plan Application (SPR2019-02):  132,000 Marijuana Cultivation Facilty (Non-Retail).  Applicant:  Commerce Real Estate.  Continued from 6/4/2019 and 6/18/2019



Stormwater Report

Operation & Maintenance Plan

Traffic Impact Statement

Supplemental Narrative Information 6/4/2019

Revised Plans 6/4/2019

Photometric Plan 6/11/2019

Revised Stormwater Report 6/19/2019

Revised Landscaping Plan 6/25/2019

Supplemental Information (odor/light), 6/26/2019

Revised Plans 6/25/2019

06/04/2019-Approved500 Boutilier Rd/ZPT Energy

Defintiive Subdivision Plan (SUB2018-03):  2 lot subdivision.  Applicant:  ZPT Energy Systems II, LLC.  Continued from 5/21/2019


Drainage Report


Revised Narrative 6/3/2019

Revised Plans 6/3/2019.

05/21/2019-Approved1570 Main St/Hank's Marine

Special Permit Application (SP2019-01):  Boat repair & storage.  Applicant:  Matthew Shogren.



Final Plan

05/21/2019-Withdrawn424 Main/Nor'Easter Remedies

Site Plan Review (SPR2018-08):  Use of existing building for marijuana cultivation.  Continued from 1/15/2019, 2/5/2019, 2/19/2019, 3/5/2019, 4/16/2019



04/16/2019-Approved88 Huntoon/East Coast Organics

Site Plan Amendment (SPR2018-04):  Site modifcations related to utilities


04/02/2019-Withdrawn515 Henshaw Street Solar Farm

Public Hearing:  Major Site Plan Review Application (permit #SPR2018-01) for a 1,339.2 kW Large-Scale Ground-Mounted Solar Energy System.  Applicant:  Borrego Solar Systems, Inc. (originally scheduled for 3/6/2018)  4/3/2018 hearing continued to 6/5/2018,  6/26/2018,  8/7/2018, & 9/11/2018. New hearing opened 12/4/2018, continued to 1/15/2019,  2/5/2019, 3/5/2019, 4/2/2019



Stormwater Information

Revised Narrative 01-08-2019

Miscellaneous revised Submittals 01-08-2019

Revised Plans 01-08-2019

Miscellaneous Revised Submittals 04-01-2019

Revised Plans 04-01-2019

03/19/2019-Approved (endorsed 4/16/2019)Oak Bluff Lane

Defintive Subdivision Plan Application (SUB2018-01) for a 6 lot residential subdivision.  Applicant:  Central Land Development Corp.  Hearing opened 1/15/2019,continued to 2/5/2019, 2/19/2019, 3/5/2019

Application & Supporting Documents


Hydrology Report

Supplemental Application Materials 3-5-2019

Revised Plans 3-5-2019

Engineering Worksheet  Plans 3-5-2019

Supplemental information 3-14-2019

Revised Plans 03-14-2019

Final Endorsed Recorded Plans

03/19/2019-Approved710 Main Street

Special Permit application (SP2018-03) for 4 duplex structures.  Applicant:  Rapid Transit, LLC.  Hearing opened 1/15/2019, continued to 2/5/2019, 2/19/2019, 3/5/2019



Stormwater & Drainage Report 1-23-2019

Revised Plan 2-14-2019

Revised Plan 2-28-2019

Stormwater & Drainage Report 2-28-2019

Revised Plan 3-14-2019

12/18/2018-Approved500 Boutlier Road/ Boutlier Solar Farm #3

Major Site Plan Review (SPR2018-06): Solar Farm.  Continued from 11/13/2018 and 12/4/2018.

Application Form

Application Narrative


Drainage Report

Revised Plans 11-9-2018

Revised Drainage Report 11-9-2018

Revised Narrative 11-28-2018

Decommissioning Report 11-28-2018

Revised Plans 11-28-2018

11/13/2018-Approved488 Stafford/Integrated Genetics

Site Plan Review (SPR2018-07):  Use of existing building for marijuana cultivation

Application Form & Narrative


Revised Narrative 11-8-2018

Revised Plans 11-8-2018

10/16/2018-ApprovedBoutilier Road Subdivision

Preliminary Subdivision Plan (SUB2018-03).



10/16/2018-Approved101 Huntoon

Site Plan Review Application (SPR2018-03) for an 8,100 s.f. addtion to an existing manufacturing building.  Continued from 8/7/2018, 8/21/2018, and 9/11/2018.



Revised Plans 08-13-2018

Revised Plans 09-17-2018

Final Plans 10-11-2018

10/2/2018-Approved88 Huntoon/East Coast Organics

Site Plan Review Application (SPR2018-04) for use of 98,098s.f. portion of an existing 150,000s.f. structure for a proposed marijuana cultivation and product manufacturing facility.



Revised Plan 8-29-2018

Revised Plan 09-26-2018

10/2/2018-Approved88 Huntoon/CannAssist

Site Plan Review Application (SPR2018-05) for use of 86,176s.f. portion of an existing 150,000s.f. structure for a proposed marijuana cultivation and product manufacturing facility.



Revised plan 8-29-2018

Revised Plan 09-26-2018

09/11/2018- DisapprovedParker Street 

Preliminary Subdivision Plan (permit #SUB2018-02) for 15 lots on Parker Street.  Applicant:  Webster First Federal Credit Union. Continued from 5/15/2018, 6/19/2018, and 7/10/2018.



09/11/2018- ApprovedMulberry Street Solar #3

Special Pemit Application (SP2018-03) for a large scale ground-mounted solar facility.  Continued from 8/21/2018.

Application Form



Revised Plans 8-23-2018

Revised Plans 9-6-2018

06/26/2018-Approved1764 Main Street/Cultivate

Site Plan Review Application to allow conversion an existing Registered Marijuana Dispensary to a recreational/adult use marijuana retail facility.  Permit #SPR2018-02).  Applicant:  Cultivate Holdings, LLC



Revised Traffic Impact Analysis 6-12-2018

Revised Plans 6-26-2018

06/19/2018-Approvedoff Mayflower and Holcomb Streets/Mayflower-Holcomb OSRD

Special Permit Application (permit #SP2018-01) for an Open Space Residential Development with 19 lots on 2 roadway extensions.  Applicant:  Central Land Development Corp.  Continued from 5-15-2018 and 6/5/2018



Revised Project Narrative 5-9-2018

Color Presentation Plans 5-15-2018

Color Presentation Plans 6-5-2018

06/05/2018-Approved1749 Main/Curtis Self Storage

Amendment of previously-issued Special Permit for self-storage units (permit #SP2016-03).  Applicant:  C&J Realty Trust.  Hearing continued from 4/17/2018 and 5/15/2018



Building Rendering

Revised Plan 5-9-2018

03/27/2018-Approved Oak Bluff Lane Preliminary Subdivision

5 lot Preliminary Subdivision Plan.

Application Form

Waiver Requests


10/03/2017-ApprovedZoning Bylaw Amendments

Amendments related to Recreational Marijuana, Livestock & Backyard Poultry, and Parking

Legal notice and draft text of amendments

Final Amendments

Final Planning Board Report with Recommendations

Note:  The Parking Amendment (Article 11) was approved  by Town Meeting 11/14/2017; Articles 9 & 10 were passed over

09/19/2017-Approved14 Lehigh Road/Hillcrest Water Tank

400,000 gallon water tank (110' high)



09/05/2017-ApprovedVirginia Drive/Oakridge Estates

Request to extend deadline to complete work by 2 years

Application & Plan

08/01/2017-Approved143 Clark Street/R.A. Graham

Special Permit to reuse existing building for warehouse/wholesale use.  



08/01/2017-Approved408 Stafford Street/408 Stafford Street Solar

Special Permit/Major Site Plan Review for a 1.361 kW large-scale ground-mounted solar energy system (solar farm)  

Application 5-16-17

Addendum 5-24-17 (drainage report)

Plans 5-16-17

Plans 5-24-2017

Plans 7-14-2017

Revised Drainage Report

08/01/2017-Approved1060 Main Street/Eastern Pearl

Special Permit for restaurant in existing building. 

Application & Narrative


Revised Plans 6-19-2017

Revised Plans 7-18-2017

Revised Plans 7-24-2017

06/06/2017-Approved1749 Main Street/Curtis Self-Storage

Minor Project Change

05/16/2017-Approved with modications1205 Main Street/Jin & Ya Company LLC

Special Permit for commercial use (retail, office, vet clinic, pet grooming or similar use) in existing building.Hearing opened 3/21/2017, continued to 4/4/17, 4/18/17, then 5/16/2017

Application & Plans

Revised Plans 3/30/2017

Revised Plans 4-18-2017

Revised Plans 5-11-2017

Revised Plans 5-15-2017

05/16/2017-ApprovedBriarcliff Estates

Minor project change (streetlights) and Street Tree Plan


Street Tree Plan

04/18/2017Zoning Bylaw AmendmentAmendments to Zoning Bylaw related to solar energy systems.  Hearing opened 4/4/2017.  The Board voted to recommend approval 4/18/17.  Approved at Town Meeting 5/2/2017 (Article 24). Approved by Attorney General's office 6/26/2017.
03/21/2017-Approved1136 Main Street/Leicester Library Expansion

Site Plan Review/Stormwater Permit for expansion of Library and related parking Lot (continued from 3/7/2017)

Application & Narrative


Revised Plans 2-24-2017 (revised sheets only)

Final Approved Plans

03/07/2017-ApprovedHammond Street

Request for 2 Year extension of deadline to complete work related to Definitive Subdivision Plan



02/21/2017-ApprovedBoutilier Road/Boutilier Estates Subdivision

Rescission of Definitive Subdivision Plan related to LaFlash Boutlier Solar


02/21/2017-Approved9 McNeil Highway/McNeil Solar

Site Plan Review Application for Solar Farm (Renewal of Expired Permit)


Project Narrative


1/3/2017 - ApprovedVictoria Drive/Briarcliff Estates

Extension of Deadline to complete work


Status Plan 10-2016

12/6/2016-ApprovedKM Kelly, Inc./93 Huntoon

Site Plan Review application for office building



Revised Site Plans 12-1-2016

Building Plans 12-1-2016

12/6/2016-Approved1749 Main Street/Curtis Self-Storage & Contrator's Yard

Special Permit Application for Self-Storage Units/Site Plan Review Application for a Contractor's Yard



Revised Plans 9-27-2016

Revised Plans 10-28-2016

Revised Plans 11-7-2016

Building Renderings 11-7-2016

Revised Landscaping Plan 12-2-2016

10/25/2216-Approved21-69 Main Street/Shaping Zone for Women

Special Permit Application for fitness center in existing structure

Application & Plans

10/25/2216-ApprovedBoutilier Road/LaFlash Boutilier Road Solar

Site Plan Review Application for a Solar Farm



Revised Plans 8-1-2016

Revised Plans 9-8-2016

Proposed Modification of related Subdivision Plan 9-19-2016

10/4/2016 - ApprovedCherry Valley Solar

Amendment Request 



10/4/2016 - ApprovedMulberry Street/Mulberry Street Solar

Site Plan Review Application for a Solar Farm (renewal of expired permit)



9/6/2016 - Approved100 South Main Street/AA Transportation

Special Permit Application for a school bus parking facility & dispatch center, as well as residential units (existing building)

Application & Plans

Revised Plans 8/22/2016

8/23/2016 - Approved1 & 3 Paxton Street/Fire & EMS HeadquartersAmendment to Site Plan Approval (training structure)
1 & 3 Paxton Street/Fire & EMS Headquarters
08/23/2016-Approved148 Henshaw Street/Cherry Valley Solar

Amendment to Site Plan Approval (Grade Changes)

Application & Plans

06/21/2016 - Approved1181 Main Street/Mike's Donuts

Special Permit Application for Modification of Drive-Through for Mike's Donuts. 


Final Approved Plans

6/7/2016 - Approved

148 Henshaw Street/Cherry Valley Solar


Site Plan Review application for a Solar Farm


Final Approved Plans

30 Huntoon Memorial/Verizon Application (150' monopole cell tower)
Approved by the Planning Board 1/19/2016 (plans & application materials below).  Related ZBA decision (denial) is currently under appeal.