Rochdale Park

Rochdale Park is located on Stafford Street in the Rochdale section of Leicester, across the street from the Fire Station. This park provides for the Town residents a place to relax, play basketball, a skate park, baseball field and a newly installed volleyball court. The park abuts Rochdale Pond for a scenic view only. There is no swimming or fishing allowed per order of the Board of Health. This park is open to the public and all rules and regulations must be followed. These are posted at the park. Any organization wanting to use the ball field must first submit a field request form to obtain a permit that will be approved by the board members depending on availability. Nighttime field usage where the lights are needed will be provided to the organization for a fee.  

Park opens at 6:00am and closes ½ hour after sunset. Lighted areas are open until 10:00pm.

  • No alcohol or smoking allowed in the park.
  • Malicious damage or stealing will be punished by full extent of the law.
  • No event, practice, or game will be held without a permit issued by the P&R Committee.
  • If gates are locked, the park is closed and not to be used.
  • Pets must be leashed and are not allowed on playing field.
  • Owners are responsible for pet droppings.
  • No vehicles are allowed on grounds without written permission from P&R Committee: Except Emergency Vehicles.
  • No soft ball, soccer, football or golf to be played on baseball diamond.
  • No Littering.

Penalties for infraction of any of the above rules shall result in revocation of permit and ejection from the Park. Enforcement for above shall rest with the Leicester Police Department, Leicester Highway Department and the Leicester Parks and Recreation Committee.
Contact number for Leicester Parks and Recreation Committee is 508-892-7021.