The Town of Leicester Fire Department does hereby respectfully declare its honored mission to protect the lives and property of Leicester's citizens and visitiors, and to protect its infrastructure, resources, and natural beauty.

We vow to prepare ourselves physically, professionally, and mentally through continued education, advanced training, and  physical fitness. Additionally, we pledge to maintain and utilize all the equipment and tools at our disposal to ensure the highest level of readiness, responsiveness, and effectiveness. Be it for fires, accidents, medical emergencies, natural disasters, terrorism or the unknown, we will answer your call for aid no matter the danger. In your darkest hour you will find us at our finest.

As a whole or individually, these duties will be faithfully discharged to the best of our ability and in the finest traditions of the fire service. We hope you never need us, but if that moment comes, trust that we will be there within a minutes notice.

Respectfully Submitted,
The Leicester Fire Department -
Fortiter Contra Omnem Aleam
Bravely Against Any Danger