With Leicester Community Electricity Aggregation, Most Leicester Residents Unaffected by National Grid Winter Rate Hike

Leicester, MA—Leicester residents and businesses enrolled in Leicester Community Electricity Aggregation (Leicester CEA) will not be impacted by the rate hike recently announced by National Grid. Leicester, which is under contract with electricity supplier Dynegy, offers electricity program rates that are fixed and will not change through December 2024. The vast majority of Leicester households participate in the Leicester CEA program.

As widely reported last week, National Grid announced that as of November 1, 2022, the default Residential Basic Service Fixed supply rate will be $0.33891/kWh, which is significantly higher than the standard Leicester supply rate of $0.10455 cents/kWh. National Grid’s rates change twice a year for Residential and Small Business customers on May 1 and November 1, but Leicester CEA rates are fixed for the duration of the municipality’s contract, which expires in December 2024.

Leicester residents and businesses can confirm that they are enrolled in Leicester Community Electricity Aggregation by looking at the Supply Services Section of a recent National Grid electric bill. If it says “Supplier: Leicester CEA - Dynegy”, then that account is enrolled. If it says something else such as Basic Service Fixed or names a supplier other than Dynegy then that account is not enrolled.

Leicester Community Electricity Aggregation offers contract rate options:

  • Leicester Standard — $0.10455/kWh

  • Leicester 50 — $0.12410/kWh

  • Leicester 100 — $0.14366/kWh

Availability to Customers Seeking to Join the Program:

  • The contract rates above are available to any Residential and Small Business customer that has never participated in the program.

  • The following customers may be offered a market rate, determined by the supplier:
    • Residential and Small Businesses customers that have previously opted-out of the program and are seeking to re-join;
    • Any Large Business customers.

Residents and businesses can enroll in Leicester Community Electricity Aggregation or switch rate options at any time online at LeicesterCEA.com or by calling (866) 220-5696. It can take one or two billing cycles for the supplier change to appear on the National Grid bill.

Please note that because National Grid Basic Service rates are not known past April 2023 for Residential and Small Business customers or October 2022 for Large Business customers, future savings for the Leicester Community Electricity Aggregation cannot be guaranteed.

For more information, see LeicesterCEA.com.