Fire Activity Log

4-6-2018 Stafford st Fire alarm activated faulty detector
4-9-2018 Peter Salem Rd Power lines down, sparked brush fire
4-9-2018 Becker College Electrical issue - smoke in electrical room
4-9-2018 Homestead Ln Activated residential smoke
4-9-2018 South Main St Fire alarm activation
4-12-2018 Peter Salem Rd MVA Car into Pole
4-13-2018 Main St Smell of electrical burning in the building
4-13-2018 Pleasant St Odor of electrical burning
4-13-2018 Main St MVA with injuries
4-19-2018 McCarthy Ave Burnt food microwave
4-22-2018 Pleasant St Brush Fire
4-23-2018 Pine St. Faulty Smoke Detector
4-23-2018 Hemlock St Faulty Smoke Detector
4-24-2018 Spencer Fire Station coverage
4-24-2018 Main St MVA Assist EMS
4-26-2018 Auburn Fire HQ Station Coverage
4-28-2018 Parker St Faulty furnace-smoke in basement
4-28-2018 Oxford Fire Mutual aide structure fire
4-28-2018 Pleasant St Burnt food
4-28-2018 Town Beach Rd Outside smoke investigation
4-29-2018 Parker St. Illegal Burning