Welcome to the Town of Leicester Employee Benefits Page.  The Benefits described in this section are available to both Town of Leicester and Leicester Public Schools Full-Time Active Employees.  All benefits are administered by the Town’s Treasurer/Collector’s office.  If you have any questions you can contact this office at (508) 892-7002 OR you can write to

Click here to view the FY24 health insurance rates.

ALL Employees must complete the Employee Benefits Waiver Form.  This confirms your understanding of the benefits available to you.  You must check off the benefits you DO NOT want and go to the appropriate section below for the benefits summaries and forms for the benefits you DO want.  The available benefits and eligible enrollment dates are as follows:

Blue Cross Blue Shield Medical – 1st of the Month “following” 1 Full Month of Employment

Dental Blue – 1st of the Month “following” 1 Full Month of Employment

Boston Mutual Life - 1st of the Month “following” 1 Full Month of Employment

TASC Flexible Spending Account (FSA) - 1st of the Month “following” 1 Full Month of Employment

Blue 20/20 vision – 1st of the Month “following” 1 Full Month of Employment

All Benefits must be elected within the first 30 days of your eligibility.  The Medical, Dental and FSA Benefits can be changed every year during Open Enrollment – each year in the Spring for the following July 1st – or if you experience a Qualifying Event.  Life Insurance benefits must be elected during your initial enrollment period.  If you do not elect Life Insurance, you may apply as a “Late Entrant” and be required to provide Medical Evidence of Insurability and could be declined for coverage by the insurance company.

Blue Cross offers three (3) plan options – Select HMO, Blue New England HMO and Preferred PPO.  The Select HMO uses a limited Network, the Blue New England HMO Network is comprehensive, and the Preferred PPO is generally used by participants who live outside the Massachusetts Network area or who require “out-of-network” services.  The rate sheet identifies two (2) contributions splits – NEW EMPLOYEES are subject to the 30% Employee / 70% Employer Split.  Contributions are deducted on a Pre-Tax basis.  

Please note that the SBCs included in this section refer to the Summary of Benefits and Coverage as required by the Affordable Care Act.

Dental Blue offers only one (1) plan option.  The premiums are paid 100% by the Employee and are deducted on a Pre-Tax basis.

TASC Flexible Spending Accounts – is a way to put away your own funds on a Pre-Tax basis in order to pay out-of-pocket Medical, Dental and Dependent Care expenses.  You do NOT have to participate in the Medical or Dental plans in order to participate in the FSA plan.

Boston Mutual Life Insurance – the Basic Life and AD&D Insurance is for a Flat $10,000 of Term coverage.  The cost is split between the Town (75%) and the Employee (25%) for a total of $2.25 per month.  The Voluntary Term Life Insurance is 100% Employee paid and is subject to the limitations described in the Summary.  If you are Declining this benefit, please sign the Declination Section at the bottom of the enrollment form.

Boston Mutual Life also offers some additional Voluntary Products – Permanent Life Insurance, Critical Illness and Accident Insurance.  If you are interested in any of these products, please contact Daniel Clark at or at (508) 481-2600.  Please identify yourself as a NEW Leicester employee.

If you are interested in a Deferred Compensation 457 or 403(b) plan please contact the Treasurer/ Collector’s office if you are a Town Employee or the School Central Office if you are a School employee.