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Family & Community Input - ThoughtExchange

In January, the Town of Leicester and Leicester Public Schools will be launching a public outreach using ThoughtExchange.  ThoughtExchange is a way for our families, community, and staff to share priorities and ideas with town and school officials online. You tell us what is important to you and see what others are saying.

Tell us what is important to you and share your ideas. See what others are saying and find out what is important to our community as a whole.

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Easy Three-Step Process

Everyone is invited to participate in our online conversation. It's an easy three-step process.

– answer open-ended questions about our town and schools.

– review ideas from others and place a star on the ideas you like best.

– learn what is important to the community as a whole.

Your thoughts and stars will be seen by other participants and may be made public, but ThoughtExchange will keep private who shared and starred which thoughts. Learn more by watching the video below (click on the image) or reading ThoughtExchange's Frequently Asked Questions.

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